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How To Surf

In the areas covered by the service, the OpenWifiMilano signal can be detected by all devices with Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have detected the network, your welcome page will appear on your device in which you will find the box for the registration; You can proceed according to the directions given on this page.

On the welcome page it is mandatory to enter the mobile number of an Italian or foreign telephone operator and in a few seconds you will receive an SMS with your access code.

To registyer to the OpenWifiMilano network is sufficient to click the link received via SMS; In the same SMS, you will find the access code (for example, c146g5h95l), which can be used to access with other devices (tablets, laptops, etc.).

Once you have registered a mobile phone, this will automatically connect to the OpenWiFiMilano network, without having to re-type any code (as in home WiFi navigation). You shall enter the code if you are using an other device such as a laptop or tablet.

If you use a device other than a mobile phone, you must first register with a mobile phone in order to receive the code needed for SMS navigation.

If you lose or forget your code you can request a new one by clicking on the "Contacts and access code recovery" box. You will receive it through a free SMS.